On The Rock you will experience the legacy of the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Spanish, British and other great civilisations and, of course, the legendary Gibraltarian hospitality.

The warm climate, outstanding natural history and heritage entice people back time and time again to the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe and Africa in a unique destination.

Gibraltar is situated in a unique strategic location on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and linked to the Spanish mainland by a narrow isthmus.  Gibraltar is small, measuring less than six square kilometres in total. Its precipitous rock and cliffs stretch skywards some 426 metres.

It is the only place in Europe where monkeys range free in a semi-wild state, reflecting the Rock’s rich natural history which flourishes in a sub-tropical climate.

Today Gibraltar offers something for everyone, ranging from archaeological treasures and priceless artefacts to a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

A walking tour will take you on an historical journey through the city centre and fortifications. Visit the Mediterranean Steps; the 1,400 metre climb isn’t for the faint hearted briskly soaring from the 180 metres of Jews’ Gate to the 410 metres above sea level of O’Hara’s Battery. The Great Siege Tunnels: The Sieges of the late 18th century led to a network of tunnelled defences being excavated in the Rock to allow the mounting of a prototype gun, the first ever able to fire downwards.  World War II Tunnels: immediately following the successful tunnelling during the Great Siege, a further network of tunnels was excavated inside the Rock. Up until 1940 when Britain was a war with Germany and Italy it was believed that an attack on Gibraltar was imminent, so a massive network of tunnels to build a fortress inside a fortress. Since June 2005 part of this network of tunnels was opened to the general public.

A fascinating array of artefacts of military history is housed in Princess Caroline’s Battery. Gibraltar, a City Under Siege Exhibition with graffiti dating back to the 18th century the exhibit demonstrates the appalling conditions the soldiers lived in as well as an old water system. Also see the Moorish Castle which has a history going back to 1160.

Other attractions include Charles V Wall, Jews’ Gate, Gibraltar Museum, and Garrison Library which has guided tours, Nelson’s Anchorage – 100 Ton Gun…  There are also War Memorials and historic places of Worship.

For natural history see St. Michael’s Cave located more than 300 metres above sea level, with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. The main chamber has been transformed into a large subterranean auditorium and provides a unique venue for concerts, ballet, drama, fashion shows and other social events.  There are guided tours of Lower St. Michael’s Cave (children under 10 not allowed). See the rock apes, the spectacular Alameda Gardens. The cable car is a way to appreciate the breathtaking views, starting from the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens to the Apes’ Den and then onto the summit.

There are four sandy beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Learn to sail in Gibraltar with sailing and yachting courses. Windsurfing is a popular water sport in Gibraltar however Tarifa – thought by many to be the windsurfing capital of Europe – is just 40 minutes drive away on the Atlantic coast.  In addition there is diving exploring Gibraltar’s spectacular underwater world and more than 30 wrecks and reefs. There are dolphin-watching and boat trips around the bay.

The Gala Casino has relocated to Ocean Village.  There is a wide range of other places to go in the evening from hotel cocktails bars to informal wine bars and cosmopolitan pubs.

It is also possible to have a wedding in Gibraltar with four of the hotels – The Caleta Hotel, The O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel, The Rock Hotel and the Queen’s Hotel all approved for civil marriages. If you wish to consider planning a wedding on the Rock enquiries must be made with the Civil Status & Registration Office.

The legal currency is Gibraltar sterling, although UK sterling is accepted and Euros are widely accepted.


From the UK, British Airways, Monarch and EasyJet all fly to Gibraltar.