2015 will mark 500 years since Cardinal Wolsey commissioned builders to lay the foundations of Hampton Court Palace. It is one of Britain’s best-loved treasures, famously Henry VIII’s pleasure palace, and the centre of court life for over 200 years. To celebrate this anniversary throughout 2015 the palace will host a series of special events, displays and entertainments.

Since the royal occupancy of Hampton Court began, the palace has been a witness to the honeymoons of Henry VIII, Mary I and Charles II and the birth and baptism of Henry VIII’s much longed for heir, it has been the setting for confrontations and private meetings between Mary I and Elizabeth I, Elizabeth and her many suitors, Charles I and Cromwell. It is the place where Jane Seymour died, where Charles I was imprisoned and where William III suffered a fatal accident.


In 2015 Hampton Court Palace will bring all 500 years of history to life with a series of celebrations to mark the survival of this remarkable building.

  • From Easter the famous wine fountain will flow once more, offering a toast to 500 years of Hampton Court every afternoon. Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with a cast of characters from across the palace’s history as costumed actors playing kings, queens and courtiers bring Hampton Court’s history to life.
  • Over the Easter weekend a state of the art 3D film projection onto the Palace’s south façade will take a kaleidoscopic journey through the building’s history re-modelling and life of the palace in four movements. The Palace will be dressed for a celebration with carriages from different eras parked outside the famous Tudor gatehouse.
  •  For May Bank Holiday Weekend a Time Quake will be held for families inviting visitors to travel back in time and meet some of the key characters who have shaped the Hampton Court’s history.
  •  The summer will see two large garden parties staged celebrating a palace of two halves and giving visitors the opportunity to explore great moments from Hampton Court’s past.  Bringing the Tudor Palace to life King Henry VIII will put on a show to impress the ambassadors with sporting prowess on display in a magnificent Tudor joust, dancing in the Elizabethan knot garden and the Tudor kitchens cooking up a storm. Meanwhile in a special Baroque themed weekend Charles II his new Queen and a selection of ravishing court beauties will celebrate a masque in the formal gardens.



More details from: www.hrp.org.uk