Theatre in Paris is the only company offering international visitors the richness of live French theatre plays and musicals thanks to English translation, projected above the stage in real-time. The Theatre in Paris has a special meeting point for guests designated at each theatre, where your English-speaking host will take care of your every need, including your tickets, thus making your trip to the theatre as easy as possible.

One of the theatre’s dedicated English-speaking hosts will welcome you and give you a speech about the history of the venue and insiders’ information on your play. They will also provide you with printed programmes in English

The translations or “surtitles” are projected just above the stage so that you can follow along with the French audience. You won’t miss a thing!

“I Love Piaf “

“I Love Piaf”, a musical about France’s most famous international superstar, Edith Piaf, performed in the heart of the theatres district of Grands Boulevards in Paris.

This intimate musical tells the short yet intense life story of a woman with a girlish spirit.

Piaf’s career began in the heart of Paris, in the outrageous cabarets of Pigalle where she performed for mobsters and gangsters. Her fame then skyrocketed from Belleville to the Champs-Elysées and she eventually made history in the grandest music halls in the world.

“The Prize”

Martin, a historian, just received the International Prize for History. He should be happy – this will make his career – but he’s terrified. All the prize-winners of the previous years have dropped dead, struck by a curse. Martin is convinced that he’ll be next.

Things start to get messy in his life. His sister-in-law, Véronique, decides that she wants to leave his brother and confess to their recent affair. To top it off, his girlfriend announces that it’s over between them.

“Cyrano De Bergerac”

It’s the year 1640, and the expert dueller and exquisite wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with the beautiful and intellectual Roxanne. Unfortunately, his disfigured and bulging nose prevents him from admitting his love. This thrilling and romantic play is filled with swordsmanship, poetry, and disguise.

“Molière in Spite of Myself”

“Molière in Spite of Myself” takes us through the last 15 years of the protagonist’s chaotic and difficult life, introducing us to the women he loved, the friends he valued and, of course, the enemies he loathed. Also showing us various notable encounters such as that with King Louis XIV, the one-man show takes us right up to the end, examining the strange circumstances surrounding Molière’s death.

“Scapin the Schemer

Scapin, an arrogant and pompous valet, has a knack for manipulation. In the name of love, he skilfully plays the members of his household against one another, using careful diplomacy and a host of white lies.

In their fathers’ absence, Octave and Léandre pledge their love to Hyacinthe and Zerbinette. But it all goes wrong when the fathers return with completely different marriage plans for their sons. Thankfully, Scapin schemes to keep these young lovers together.

Moliere’s real name was Jean Baptiste Poquelin; he composed 12 of the most satirical and durable comedies of all time, including “Scapin the Schemer”. Boldly tongue-in-cheek, this Molière classic will have the whole family in stitches.


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