Theatre in Paris is the only company offering international visitors the richness of live French theatre plays and musicals thanks to English translation, projected above the stage in real-time. For foreign guests’ full cultural immersion, the company provides an exclusive English welcome service at the venue, further enhancing the experience of a memorable night out among locals.

Established in 2014, Theatre in Paris has enjoyed steady growth, and has won prestigious awards and recognitions for excellence in cultural technology. In 2015, the company provided surtitles for 400 performances of ten different productions in nine theatres, and welcomed guests from over 50 nationalities.

After a very successful past few months, Theatre in Paris opens the 2016-2017- season with five brand new productions. They have selected a wide variety of plays and musicals in French and have made them available to English-speaking audiences. With their exclusive translation service, anglophone spectators can experience an authentic Parisian night out, and will have the opportunity to discover the best shows Paris has to offer, all whilst understanding every word with the English ‘surtitles’ projected above the stage in real-time.

There is something for everyone in our new season – comedies, musicals, classics, with over 100 performances to choose from each month. In order to ensure the most perfect experience, Theatre in Paris arranges for an English-speaking host to greet each patron before the performance, and to give them an informative speech while escorting them to their seats. Theatre in Paris is the only company offering this exceptional experience in the French capital.

I Love Piaf

See an intimate and intriguing musical revue chronicling France’s most famous songstress, none other than Edith Piaf. The powerful and unique vocals of Caroline Rose, a contestant on The Voice France, truly bring back to life the charismatic personage of Edith Piaf. The beautiful, award-winning accordion playing of Aurélien Noël makes the perfect accompaniment.

Anything You Want

Not your average comedy, Anything You Want is a hilarious and witty crowd-pleaser. Award-winning actress Bérénice Béjo, internationally famous for her role in the film The Artist, dazzles in the play, which is performed at the magnificent and historical Théâtre Edouard VII.

The French classic, Le Cid

Don Rodrigue and Chimène are madly in love, but must fight to stay together after unanticipated events force Don Rodrigue to defend his father’s honour against Chimène’s father in a fierce and exciting duel. The two lovers are subsequently pitted against one another in this tragic tale of love versus duty. This action-packed performance will keep you riveted on the edge of your seat.

Oliver Twist, a musical for the whole family

Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist, gets the French Touch in this vibrant and exciting musical starring Franco- American singer, from The Voice Kids, Nicolas Motet. Forget everything you thought you knew about this musical as this stellar troupe re-imagines this time-honoured classic.

Cyrano De Bergerac

It’s the year 1640, and the expert dueller and exquisite wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with the beautiful and intellectual Roxanne. Unfortunately, his disfigured and bulging nose prevents him from admitting his love. This thrilling and romantic play filled with swordsmanship, poetry, and disguise opens 20th October.


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 Image: Theatre in Paris – Emmanuel Murat