You may be busy in the run up to Christmas with all the planning for the holiday, however, take time to plan for your Summer 2018 holiday and choose a Greek Island and take advantage of the special Greek Islands Holiday Offer by Olympic Holidays.

The “12 Islands of Christmas” offer is running until 24th December 2017 and you can save £50.00 per person each day to the offer destination (changes each day) whilst the promotion is running.


Many of these Greek beaches have been awarded the blue flag under the Blue Flags of Europe Program, providing not only swimming, but also scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

Some of the oldest European civilizations developed on the Greek islands (so therefore the islands have unique archaeological sites, a distinctive architectural heritage and the fascinating local traditions of a centuries-old and multifaceted civilization.


The ideal climate, safe waters and small distances between ports and coasts, have made the Greek islands extremely popular among Greek and foreign visitors.

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