According to data published this month in Spain as part of the summer’s national campaign for child safety, 56% of all children who drown do so in private pools, with only 10% drowning in public pools and 2% in the sea.

The report also underlined the fact that drowning is the third largest cause of death amongst children worldwide, and the rate is particularly high amongst 1-4 year olds.

Six children have drowned already in Spain this year, in pools and rivers, and those in charge of the campaign have reminded the public that “a child can drown in just 20cm of water and in less than two minutes”.

The guidelines put forward by the campaign organisers include advice such as never swimming alone, always taking a shower before entering water, entering water slowly, not suddenly, and not running along pool sides.

The campaign also includes advice for adults: never leave children unsupervised and make sure that children cannot reach the pool without an adult being present.