Holiday in Greece this September and take advantage of a discount on packages if you book between midnight 31st August and midnight 6th September.

Many of the Greek beaches have been awarded the blue flag under the European Blue Flags Program, providing not only swimming, but also scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. Visit picturesque tavernas offering dishes made with pure Greek ingredients.

The islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas, Crete, Halkidiki are just some of the ideal family destinations. Along with the children, visit the sea museums and parks located on various islands of the country and enjoy adventurous water sports activities.

In the autumn, the stunning colours of the landscape and the relatively warm weather call for touring. This period is ideal for trips down the history route, walking through the impressive stone palaces of the Greek castle-cities around the country. The medieval atmosphere of Mystras and Monemvasia guarantee the uniqueness of the experience.

Greece has an impressive range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Acropolis archaeological site, Athens, Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, Archaeological site of Delphi, Sanctuary of Asklepios, Epidaurus, Mount Athos, Medieval city of Rhodes, Meteora, Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki.

Some of the oldest European civilizations developed on the Greek islands (Cycladic, Minoan civilizations, etc.), so therefore the islands have unique archaeological sites, a distinctive architectural heritage and fascinating local traditions of a centuries-old and multifaceted civilization.

The ideal climate, safe waters and short distances between ports and coasts, make the Greek islands extremely popular with both Greek and foreign visitors.

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