Eastern Europe has a raft of cities which offer visitors an excellent destination for a city break.

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Prague is a fascinating city, known as the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ it has centuries of history and a range of striking architectural styles, from Gothic era to Art Nouveau.

From the first century, signs of Prague’s Romanesque era can be seen all over the city. St. George’s Basilica at the Prague Castle complex is a prime example, with a high vaulted ceiling and a starkly beautiful stone interior

Notable buildings from the Gothic era the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, St.Barbara’s Cathedral, Týn Church and the soaring ceiling in the Vladislav Hall.

In the opulent Baroque era, more was most definitely more. Marble columns, big cupolas, ornately painted frescos, pear shaped domes and an abundance of precious golds are all characteristic of this time. St. Nicholas Cathedral in Malá Strana and the bright pink Goltz-Kinský Palace on Old Town Square are examples of this style.

Split – Inside the fortified walls of an ancient Roman palace, the city of Split has grown organically amongst the ruins. The white stone buildings with peaked orange roofs are arranged along a small labyrinth of narrow car-free lanes. But the charming and tranquil downtown is only one part of Croatia’s second largest city. With a beautiful waterfront and a captivating history, the city offers an Adriatic escape full of sun, seafood, and Croatian culture.

The ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site, was built by a Roman emperor. The stone walls of the fortified palace are now home to coffee shops, boutiques and a celebrated Cathedral. It is possible to wander between the four original walls – each of which has a gate at its centre.

The city’s layout and typical Dalmatian coast architecture is best seen from above. The highest vantage point within the historic walls is the cathedral bell tower. Climb the 188 steps of the belfry for sweeping views of quaint rooftops which stretch down to the water’s edge.

After exploring the centre, there are several beaches to the southwest – none too far from your hotel – but Bačvice is Split’s most popular seaside stop for good reason: it is the only sandy beach in the area.

Take an evening stroll along Split’s dynamic waterfront. Known as the Riva, the large promenade is filled with umbrella covered cafes serving drinks and classic Croatian food.

Stroll through Split’s famous fresh market called Pazar. Buzzing with local shoppers, the market specializes in produce. The stalls can be found on the edge of the historic centre..

Meštrović Gallery, the modern art museum sits just outside Split’s stone walls and is dedicated to the work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The artist intended to use what is now the gallery space as a personal residence and his home offers gorgeous views of the sparkling Dalmatian Coast.

If you wish to escape the busy streets head up Marjan Hill In addition to the Meštrović Gallery and several historic churches built into the cliff side, Marjan Hill is filled with forest trails. Dense with cactus and pines, the green area which sits to the west of the city is a nature reserve.

If Prague or Split or not you choice then explore Budapest, Krakow, Dubrovnik, Warsaw, Bucharest, Riga and more

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